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Cumulus clouds

Cumulus clouds from Langgoens,Germany, taken on 20.9.2014 with a Canon EOS 350D Tamron AF70-300mm..

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The Daily Sky website is a collection of images of clouds and related athmospheric phenomenons as noctilucend and iridescent clouds, halos, lightnings, glories, sundogs, moondogs, sun pillars, sunrays, fogbows, auroras, coronas, lightnings, rays, bows and other related material (anything you can see in the Sky) submitted by people.Each day a different picture is provided to the public.Older pictures can be viewed from the archive. All pictures can be sent as Ecards. Anyone is invited to submit one or more pictures of related material.Each sky looks different and can tell its own story.You may submit as many pictures as you like, even they show the same type of a cloud or the same old moon but maybe on different days with different colurs. If you own a telescope , astronomy pictures are most welcome.You may also sumbit experimental HDR images .Please read our terms carefully before submitting photos.

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>Because of our visitors requests from our other websites  we have decided to start a page with clouds and related material of the sky .Each day we pick a photo from your submissions for the sky-picture of the day.
You do not need to be a perfect photographer , neither you do need to own an expensive camera to make a brilliant picture.In these days of real low cost digital cameras anyone has the chance to just catch that scene with just one fingertip.Just send in what you think are your best photos via the "submit" button above and you can expect it within a few days to be online.
The main goal of this site is to collect the best pictures from professional and non-professional photographers from around the world in a database for many years.
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