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The Daily Sky has been found in july 2008 . The idea is to collect the best skypictures from around the planet within a database and  show each day a different photo to the public.Anyone can submit one or more pictures confirm with our terms. You may sumbit pictures of anything what you can find in the sky.( Clouds and related athmospheric phenomenons as noctilucend and iridescent clouds, halos,lightnings, glories, sundogs, moondogs, sun pillars, sunrays, fogbows, auroras, coronas,lightnings, rays, bows or whatever you find worth to become the Sky of the Day. Let your imaginations flow and send us what you have found in this world.Depending on how many submissoins we receive it may take a while for your picture to appear on this site.

If you have any comments about this site or interesting informations about photography you are invited to mail to us. If you wish to exchange a link or submit suggestions please mail to us.

This site is a non-profit project.



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Random pictures
Above the clouds
Circumzenithal arc
Iridescent Stratocumulus